How To Prepare A Snow Blower For Off Season Storage

With spring in full swing, it’s time to prepare your snow blower for off season storage. Follow these maintenance steps for preparing and storing your snow blower, to ensure your snow blower is ready for the first snow fall next winter.

Remember to refer to your Honda Snow Blower Owner’s Manual for maintenance information for your specific model or contact Alaska Specialty Equipment, LLC.

To prepare to store a snow blower or snow thrower for over 90 days or off season, drain all of the fuel from the fuel tank and carburetor. After the fuel is drained and the engine is cooled off, remove the spark plug and pour one teaspoon of clean engine oil into the cylinder. This prevents rust from forming inside the engine. Reinstall the spark plug and pull the starter rope several times to distribute the oil in the cylinder. Then pull the starter rope slowly until you feel resistance. This closes the valve and prevents moisture from entering the cylinder. Fold the handle bar by loosening the handle bar nuts and fold the handle bar over the top of the snow thrower. 

For more details on draining the fuel, visit the Honda HS720 Snow Thrower Maintenance and Storage Video or Two Stage Snow Blower Maintenance and Storage video.

If you prefer to have your snow blower serviced for off season storage, contact Alaska Specialty Equipment, LLC for service. Alaska Specialty Equipment, LLC offers great rates and can handle all your snow blower maintenance needs.

We also recommend outfitting your snow blower with a cover to keep it clean and dust-free. Honda has covers that are custom fitted for specific snow blower models, that are great for storing the snow blower during off season. Alaska Specialty Equipment, LLC can help you find the right one for your snow blower.